We are an international organization, providing model agencies for the hair, cosmetics, beauty & nail industry.
Our models are needed for salons, academies, workshops, international fairs, shows, exams and many others.

Our solution is your future, impacting the lives of thousands every day



The beauty industry is changing rapidly with new techniques.
With our agency we provide models that are willing to change with it.



We created the solution for the problem that exists since 5th century. Join us with thousands of models helping the hair industry.


This industry exists since 3000 BC and growing fast since 20th century.
With our agency we help the industry to grow further in the 21st century.



IT and its infrastructure are important for the base of every company. Our consultants can help you to create or modify it into a modern strong base.



We grew up, studied and now work in these industries. That’s why our experience goes back more than 25 years.

Brilliant Team

An innovative idea may inspire, but it takes brilliant people to make it happen. We give everyone the opportunity to develop and treating everyone as equals.


In our opinion, its the greatest advance to be creative in creating solutions and help others to grow in their expertise.

No Complexity

Our clients love how easy it is for them to manage their own wish. The thought is simple and the solution and costs are clear.


We not only work with professionals, but we also train them to become professional.


We are the head organization of various model agencies and a consultancy company. Through own experience to arrange models during education, courses and workshops, we discovered how difficult it is to realize this.

We offer meaningful solution for teachers, students but also consumers, businesses and one of a kind mobile app for everyone who would like to help as model for the hairdressing, makeup and beauty industry.

The consultancy company is responsible for our infrastructure and support, but also provides people for interim assignments on national and international level.