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Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.
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Yearly 6.200 people follow a hairdresser education. All those students need to practice, which means we provide around 372.000 models for education. But beside education we provide also professional models for the hair industry.
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What is used by 90% of the ladies in the world is their make-up. Professionals or amateurs, they are all using it. To promote these products we provide professional models to the companies in this industry and amateurs for those who are learning for the profession makeup artist.
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We’re living in a modern digital world and that requires expertise. Consultancy is our IT organisation providing solutions and support. Not only for our operating companies but also for customers on project & program management
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For beautician in training its difficult to find matching models with a specific skin condition. Not everyone is open when it concerns their skin disorder. We are the confidential link for the beautician and the models, so both will be helped.
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NKMB Holding: Who We Are

For many years you have model agencies that are specialized in professional models for hair, beauticians, make-up and nails. But never before has there been an organization in Europe that deals with models for the training / education in these profession groups.

With an improving economy, more and more people have money to visit a hair stylist, beautician, make-up artist, or nail stylist. As a result, more people will have to be trained for these professions and need help from the population to practice and gain experience. That’s why we are the link to bring them together.

NKMB Holding B.V. is the international governing body providing several model agencies for the hair, cosmetics, beauty and nail industry and ensures the proper functioning of these underlying model agencies and our consultancy company.

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Why We Are Different



Respect is usually something you have to earn, with us it’s different. We respect everyone for who you are and the choices that are made.



Integrity is one of the qualities that is of paramount importance to us. You can expect this from all our employees and there are no exceptions.



Nowadays equality is widely discussed in social life. For us everyone is equal and this is clearly reflected within the policies of our companies.



We are transparent in everything we do, whether it concerns models, cost, rules, or business operations. Nothing is unexpected with us.

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Our models are needed for salons, academies, workshops, national & international fairs, shows, exams and many others. Beside models we also have consultants, program- & project managers for multinationals in Europe.

If you need any information about our model agencies or consultancy, provide us your details and message and we will contact you within a few days.


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Sponsoring Charities



Fight against Cancer

Unfortunately 1 of 3 people will get cancer and it’s the 2nd leading cause of death globally. Because we know the Dutch Cancer organisation is doing a lot of research to fight against cancer we support them on a monthly base. Help us to help KWF and donate also on their website.

Maaspoort Kids

Children are our future

These days our young children are growing up in an environment with less space for outdoor activities with their friends. Maaspoort Kids creates an environment without all those digital devices. This contributes to the development of their creativity, think ability, understanding, collaboration, social features and many other. Thats why we, on a monhtly base, support Maasport Kids to help them providing a playground / child care for the young ones of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Aids Fonds

Stop Aids for the love of all loves

Every 5 minutes somewhere on Earth a child dies as a result of AIDS. As we know the AIDS Foundation is working hard to cure HIV / AIDS, they need money to do a lot of research and provide medication to help children. We think every child in the world should have a fair chance to live and make something out of it. That’s why we support them, you can help them also with a small donation.

Ride for Kika

Support Lars

Lars (10 yrs.) is the son of an employee and riding for Kika on August 30, 2021 in The Netherlands. Lars is participating because he says “I mind that children can have cancer and die of it.” That’s why we are supporting Lars in this great goal. Please help us & Lars to support KiKa

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