NKMB Holding

NKMB stands for Dutch Office Model Agencies and was established to solve the problems that we and many others encountered in the past.

For many years you have model agencies that are specialized in professional models for hair, beauticians, make-up and nails. But never before has there been an organization in Europe that deals with models for the training / education in these profession groups.

In 2014, such an organization started in the United States and with the expertise that they have gained, we decided to start the European version in 2017.

With an improving economy, more and more people have money to go visit a hair stylist, beautician, make-up artist, or nail stylist. As a result, more people will have to be trained for these professions and need help from the population to practice and gain experience. That’s where we have the link to bring supply and demand together with our mobile app and online platform.

NKMB Holding B.V. is the governing body that manages various trade names and ensures the proper functioning of the underlying model agencies.

Principle of Our Work


Today equality is a much discussed subject in society. Many say to have it but it is not visible. For us everyone is equal and this is clearly reflected in our company policy.


Integrity is one of the qualities that is of paramount importance to us. You can expect this from all our employees and there are no exceptions.


Respect is usually something you have to earn, with us it is different. We respect everyone for who you are and the choices that are made.


We are transparent in everything we do, whether it concerns models, costs, rules or business operations. Nothing is unexpected with us.

They are behind the idea


Erwin Nienhuis

Founder & CEO
“With my technical background in IT, I knew that this problem of finding people could be solved in the digital age”

Elles Piets

Co-Founder & CTO
“I have many years of experience in finding the right people for the job. Now I can combine my experience and passion in one job.”

Advisory Board

The board helps us make the right decisions with the experience they have with large international multinationals.


Mr. A. Nienhuis
Director BeNeLux


Mrs. W. Prieb
Chief Executive Officer